Splash Sure Start is very excited to offer a new service to parents. Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)

Video Interaction Guidance is a new approach to help parents actually catch the magic of seeing themselves connecting with their child/baby in a positive way. This can help parents appreciate better what they are doing well and build confidence in their parenting. VIG gives hope to parents that they can be effective in changing family life and making it more satisfying for all. In fact it is such a positive way of working, it can be adapted to help with most problems.

The guidance is done in your home over a few sessions, or cycles. The first part of the cycle is for us to video you with your child. Then the video is edited by us to produce several positive clips which we then watch together at the next home visit. Most families find 3 to 4 cycles is all that is required to see big changes.

Please contact the health visiting team at Splash Sure Start for more information about VIG, we are happy to discuss it with you and see if it would help you and your family. Telephone 38313360